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MEfacts.com is the first and leading Internet Search Engine dedicated to bring the user the most relevant content concerning the Middle East. MEfacts.com Search Engine does not include NEWS, unless its content has a long and lasting impact.


MEfacts.com Review Board is making the ultimate decision for inclusion - not a ‘robot.’ The decisions are made based on the added value of the relevant factual content and its connection to the Middle East. Users searches are expected to result in a voluble ‘return’ of reliable content, ultimately providing the searcher with the specific and distinctive looked-after information in a minimum amount of time.


MEfacts.com  minimizes the posting of documents that seem as duplicates. Similar documents will be posted only when and unless they have a complementary value or are helpful in supporting the integrity of the subject matter by additional reliable sources. Preference is given to primary verifiable sources.


MEfacts.com is first! We help you with the ‘Popular Searches’ listing on the home page, a feature recognizing the on-going ‘hot’ subjects in the region. Just click and get the best pre-defined search results for the desired subject.


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