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1. Jerusalem Website [10/23/2009] Ref #11942
Consulate General of the United State
/cache/html/jerusalem/11942.htm (original)

2. The Influence of Christian Interests in Setting the Route of the Security Fence in Jerusalem [11/20/2008] Ref #11936
Aside from monasteries and holy places, scores of Christian institutions that operate in Jerusalem have come to assist the local Muslim community in the context of their charitable work.
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
http://www.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DRIT=2&DBID=1&LNGID=1& TMID=111&FID=443&PID=0&IID=2698&TTL=The_Influence_of_Christian_Interes ts_in_Setting_the_Route_of_the_Security_Fence_in_Jerusalem (original)

3. Exploring the Strength Of Jewish Ties to Jerusalem [6/21/2006] Ref #11745
Historically, the religious standing of Jerusalem for Muslims waxed and waned with political circumstances. In a consistent and predictable cycle repeated six times through 14 centuries, Muslims focused on the city when it served their needs and ignored it when it did not.
Daniel Pipes The New York Sun
http://www.nysun.com/pf.php?id=34751 (original)

4. International Law and the Arab-Israeli Conflict [6/10/2006] Ref #11734
Extracts from "Israel and Palestine - Assault on the Law of Nations" by Julius Stone, Second Edition, with additional material and commentary updated to 2003.
Ian Lacey BA LL.B. 
/cache/pdf/territories/11734.pdf (original)

5. Temple Mount relics saved from garbage [4/14/2005] Ref #11484
the grounds of a Jerusalem national park with a view of the Temple Mount, a small group of Israeli archaeologists and volunteers sifting through piles of rubble discarded by Islamic Wakf officials from the Temple Mount into a city garbage dump have recently uncovered a series of history-rich artifacts dating back to the First and Second Temple periods.
Jerusalem post
/cache/html/religion/11484.htm (original)

6. Jerusalem: A Tale of One City [12/24/2004] Ref #11362
On August 18 Yasir Arafat, speaking as head of the Palestinian National Authority in Gaza and Jericho, told Arab youngsters at a summer camp, "Those of you who lit the intifada fire must now act as defenders of this young state, whose capital is Jerusalem. It is Bir Salem [the fountain of Salem]. Salem was one of the Canaanite Kings, one of our forefathers. This city is the capital of our children and our children's children. If not for this belief and conviction of the Palestinian nation, this people would have been erased from the face of the earth, as were so many other nations."
/cache/html/wall-ruling_/11362.htm (original)

7. Jerusalem [12/19/2004] Ref #11340
It is widely assumed that Jerusalem will be the last, and most difficult, issue to be addressed in permanent status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. While it is undeniable that Jerusalem is a core component of the peace process, much of the perceived difficulty associated with its final disposition arises from serious misconceptions about its competing religious, historical and political significance to Jews, Muslims and Christians.
/cache/html/jerusalem/11340.htm (original)

8. Jerusalem - Myths & Facts [12/19/2004] Ref #11341
With 3,000 years of history behind it, Jerusalem is now thrust to the center of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Here's a thorough review of spiritual, historical and political claims -- from both sides.
Rabbi Ken Spiro 
/cache/html/jerusalem/11341.htm (original)

9. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel [12/19/2004] Ref #11342
Jerusalem, by virtue of the number and diversity of people who have held it sacred, may be considered the most holy city in the world. To the Jewish people it is Ir Ha-Kodesh (the Holy City), the Biblical Zion, the City of David, the site of Solomon's Temple, and the eternal capital of the Israelite nation. To Christians it is where the young Jesus impressed the sages at the Jewish Temple, where he spent the last days of his ministry, and where the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection took place. Also greatly venerated by the Muslims, it is where the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.
/cache/html/jerusalem/11342.htm (original)

10. Books - Jerusalem [12/19/2004] Ref #11343
Books about Jerusalem
/cache/html/jerusalem/11343.htm (original)

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