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11. Jews, Christians and Israel in the Arab World Textbooks [8/31/2003] Ref #10246
Examining the content of school textbooks used in the Middle East, to determine whether children are being taught to accept and recognize the right of the other to exist.
Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace, (CMIP)
http://www.edume.org/reports/report1.htm (original)

What we are witnessing today ­ which has been developing incrementally, almost imperceptibly, and sometimes indulgently, for some thirty years now ­ is a new, virulent, globalizing and even lethal anti-Jewishness reminiscent of the atmospherics of the 1930s, and without parallel or precedent since the end of the Second World War.
Irwin Cotler Christian action for Israel
/cache/html/incitement/11615.htm (original)

13. The Fiction of Life [5/7/2003] Ref #11641
Azar Nafisi, the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, on the dangers of using religion as an ideology, and the freedoms that literature can bring
The Atlantic Monthly
/cache/html/incitement/11641.htm (original)

14. The efforts of Palestinians and their allies in Iran [4/30/2003] Ref #11637
The media have a new term for Palestinian mass murderers. No longer do the media restrict themselves to "activists" and "militants". Now the terrorists are from "breakaway" militias even when they are under the direct personal command and control of Yassir Arafat and Abu Mazen.
/cache/html/incitement/11637.htm (original)

15. PSR - Survey Research Unit: Public Opinion Poll # 7 [4/7/2003] Ref #11638
70 percent of Palestinians oppose adopting laws which would ban incitement against Israel.
/cache/html/incitement/11638.htm (original)

16. 38 Hurt as Suicide Bomb Rocks Netanya Again [3/30/2003] Ref #11635
"... a young Palestinian wearing bluejeans and athletic shoes walked toward the entrance of the London Cafe where Mazaltim was relaxing and detonated a 6 1/2 pound pouch of nails and shrapnel. The explosion tore a hole through his torso, spewed his body parts across umbrellas, flower pots and sidewalk bricks and injured 38 diners, strollers and soldiers on patrol, according to Israeli police and hospital officials.
Washington Post
/cache/html/incitement/11635.htm (original)

17. Terry Gross's "Tit-for-Tat" Interview with James Bennet [3/25/2003] Ref #11636
On March 12, 2003, NPR's “Fresh Air” broadcast an interview with host Terry Gross and New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief James Bennet. Among other things, Gross asked Bennet about Israel's anti-terrorist actions in Gaza–but she didn't term them anti-terrorist actions. Instead, she repeatedly referred to “tit-for-tat murders,” drawing a parallel between Hamas's terrorist attacks against Israeli children and the Israeli army's attempts to root out the killers.
/cache/html/incitement/11636.htm (original)

18. Saudi Arabia: Cooperation on Terrorism Financing [12/3/2002] Ref #11631
"The United States is pleased with the continued cooperation we have received from the Government of Saudi Arabia in the Global War on Terrorism."
U.S. Department of State
/cache/html/incitement/11631.htm (original)

19. Hamas launches webzine for kids [11/5/2002] Ref #11629
A monthly children's magazine published by the Hamas terrorist organization urges Palestinian and Iraqi children to pray for Allah to "destroy the cruel, rapist Jews" and bring victory to the Palestinian and Iraqi causes.
Jon Dougherty WorldNetDaily.com
/cache/html/incitement/11629.htm (original)

20. The anti-Semitic lies that threaten all of us [6/28/2002] Ref #11264
Rampant anti-Semitism in the Muslim world, from schools to press, TV and internet, not only makes Middle East peace impossible, but makes us all targets now.
Harold Evans  Times On Line
/cache/html/incitement/11264.htm (original)

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