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11. Arafat's Jordan Visit [10/6/2004] Ref #11061
The first meeting with Arafat since Israel and the Palestinian National Authority signed the Sharm El Sheikh memorandum eleven days ago, is to “consult on recent developments, especially the inauguration of final status talks.”
http://www.jordanembassyus.org/091699002.htm (original)

12. Jordan won't accept new refugees [10/6/2004] Ref #11063
Jordan will not accept new waves of refugees and its Premier stresses Jordan's position on refugees' right of return, compensation
Jordan Times
http://www.jordanembassyus.org/01112001001.htm (original)

13. 2001:Arab Attitudes to the State of Israel [10/5/2004] Ref #11050
The survey examined political positions, attitudes regarding the participation of Israeli Arab citizens in the events of Intifadat al-Aksa in October 2000 and basic positions towards the State and their status as a minority within it.
/cache/html/refugees-arab/11050.htm (original)

14. The Refugee Price Tag [10/4/2004] Ref #11037
Various notions of compensation for Palestinian refugees are discussed by author.
Jerusalem Report
/cache/html/refugees-arab/11037.htm (original)

15. Private Property Keep Out [10/4/2004] Ref #11038
The question of equating Arab claims for compensation and restitution with those of Jews from Arab lands has reulted in a number of different proposals.
Peter Hirschberg Jerusalem Report
/cache/html/refugees-arab/11038.htm (original)

16. History Questions the Right of Return [10/4/2004] Ref #11039

Kenneth W. Stein 
/cache/html/refugees-arab/11039.htm (original)

17. Who is a Palestine Refugee? [9/28/2004] Ref #11022
Under UNRWA's operational definition, Palestine refugees are persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948, who lost both their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict.
United Nations
/cache/html/refugees-arab/11022.htm (original)

18. Palestinian Right of Return [9/28/2004] Ref #11023
Israel should welcome the refugees: Ali Abunimah argues that the right of return of Palestinian exiles would signal an end to the conflict, not a threat.
Financial Times
http://www.abunimah.org/features/010110ftoped.html (original)

19. The Demographic Revolution: Palestinian Refugees [9/28/2004] Ref #11025

/cache/html/refugees-arab/11025.htm (original)

20. Understanding Refugee Numbers [9/27/2004] Ref #11014
Slidshow explaing current refugee situation worldwide.
/cache/html/refugees-arab/11014.htm (original)

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