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21. Massacre That Wasn't [5/29/2002] Ref #11634
International organizations, non-governmental agencies and many foreign governments prematurely and sweepingly attacked the Israelis for committing atrocities in the course of military operations in Jenin refugee camp in April 2002. As the evidence became known, it demonstrated that these initial opinions were wrong. Yet the voices that zealously condemned Israel have been largely remiss in publicizing these new facts
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22. Washington Misled: Saudi Arabia's Financial Backing of Terrorism [5/6/2002] Ref #11608
As a result of Israel's Operation "Defensive Shield," new documents have been uncovered from Palestinian offices that directly link the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with financial backing of terrorist attacks against Israel. The Saudis have repeatedly denied such connections. Last month, for example, Saudi state television held a telethon for the families of "Palestinian martyrs" that raised over $100 million.
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
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23. The Canary In Europe's Mine [4/28/2002] Ref #11640
The rocks have been lifted all over Europe, and the snakes of Jew-hatred are slithering free. In Belgium, thugs beat up the chief rabbi, kicking him in the face and calling him "a dirty Jew." Two synagogues in Brussels were firebombed; a third, in Charleroi, was sprayed with automatic weapons fire.
The Boston Globe
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24. 'Martyrdom Attacks that Strike Horror into the Hearts of the Enemies of Allah' [4/7/2002] Ref #11619
Within the past year, Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, the top Egyptian cleric of Al­Azhar University, has shifted his position regarding the targeting of civilians in suicide bombings. While he previously stated that Palestinians should refrain from targeting civilians,[1] he recently declared that martyrdom (suicide) operations and the killing of civilians are permitted acts and that more such attacks should be carried out.
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25. Saddam Hussein's Philanthropy of Terror [3/11/2002] Ref #11630
“President Saddam Hussein has recently told the head of the Palestinian political office, Faroq al-Kaddoumi, his decision to raise the sum granted to each family of the martyrs of the Palestinian uprising to $25,000 instead of $10,000,” Aziz, announced at a Baghdad meeting of Arab politicians and businessmen on March 11, 2002, Reuters
Hoover Institution
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26. Jordanian anti- normalization committee publishes second lists of normalisers [12/12/2000] Ref #11617
The anti- normalization committee in Jordan is preparing to declare the second list of names of those who normalize relations with Israel.
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27. Lynch Mob's Brutal Attack [10/13/2000] Ref #10597
Description of Ramallah lynch mob accompanied by photos.
BBC News
http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=news.bbc.co.uk/olmedia/965000/i mages/_969355_grab_afp150.jpg&imgrefurl=http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wor ld/middle_east/969778.stm&h=180&w=150&prev=/images?q=Lynching++Ramalla h&svnum=10&hl=en&lr (original)

28. Price of a Cold Peace [10/13/2000] Ref #11616
This is written with a heavy heart, given the current situation. It is easy to lay blame on either side, and usually this finger pointing would follow established political rift lines. Yet even if one feels - as I do - that Likud Chairman Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount was ill-advised and certainly ill-timed, the ferocity of the Palestinian response forces one to reflect seriously on one aspect of the nature of Israeli-Arab relations.
Jerusalem post
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29. PA TV Broadcasts call for Killing Jews and Americans [10/13/2000] Ref #11624
Excerpts from a Friday sermon in the Zayed bin Sultan Aal Nahyan mosque in Gaza, broadcast live on the official Palestinian Authority television. The speaker is Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, Member of the PA appointed "Fatwa Council" and former acting Rector of the Islamic University in Gaza.
http://www.memri.org/bin/articles.cgi?Area=sd&ID=SP13800 (original)

30. The Western Mind of Radical Islam [12/31/1995] Ref #11633
“The paradox [is that] the very intellectuals intent on marching the Muslim world back to the seventh century also excel in Western ways and seem very much to appreciate at least some of them,”
Daniel Pipes First Things
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