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31. Israel: Relations with Western Europe [8/18/2004] Ref #10825
Israel's relations with Western Europe on trade, diplomatic and political levels.
http://www.1upinfo.com/country-guide-study/israel/israel134.html (original)

32. First Intifada [8/16/2004] Ref #10792

/cache/html/children-at-war/10792.htm (original)

33. Palestinians in Their Own Words [8/15/2004] Ref #10773
Arab viewpoints and comment on Israel and the peace process.
http://www.israel.net/timetospeak/5.htm (original)

34. Middle East Peace Chronology 1978-2002 [8/14/2004] Ref #10770
Middle East Chronology 1978-2002
U.S. Department of State
http://usinfo.state.gov/mena/middle_east_north_africa/me_vision/me_vis ion_timeline.html (original)

35. U.S. Dept. of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms [7/28/2004] Ref #10620
occupied territory (DOD) Territory under the authority and effective control of a belligerent armed force. The term is not applicable to territory being administered pursuant to peace terms, treaty, or other agreement, express or implied, with the civil authority of the territory. See also civil affairs agreement.
U.S. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms
/cache/html/territories/10620.htm (original)

36. Six Days of War:June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East [7/28/2004] Ref #10627

/cache/html/israel/10627.htm (original)

37. ICJ Fence Decision Lacks Credibility [7/26/2004] Ref #10589
The International Court of Justice advisory opinion against Israel's security fence has been harshly criticized.
Malcolm Hoenlein Jerusalem post
/cache/html/fence/10589.htm (original)

38. The Moral Low Ground [7/26/2004] Ref #10955
The International Court of Justice, to give this august body its formal name, is made up of 15 judges selected through the usual horse-trading at the United Nations. Fourteen of them voted against Israel; the one dissenting voice belonged, no surprise, to the one American judge. Who are these 14 pillars of moral rectitude who pronounce such damning judgment on the only full-fledged democracy in the entire Middle East?
http://www.cfr.org/pub7212/max_boot/the_moral_the_moral_low_ground.php (original)

39. The real danger of the Hague ruling [7/23/2004] Ref #10586
The real meaning of the court's decision, then, is to delegitimize not Israel's right to self-defense but its right to claim any territory, even for self-defense, over the Green Line.
Yossi Klein Halevi Jerusalem post
/cache/html/fence/10586.htm (original)

40. A Legal Interpretation of The International Court of Justice’s [7/12/2004] Ref #10607
Dr. Pieter Bekker, of the Palestinian Delegation’s legal team said, “You cannot help but notice that the judges interjected themselves in this matter …and think that, yes, they did find an opportunity here to really put their mark as a judicial organ of the United Nations..."
http://www.amin.org/eng/uncat/2004/jul/jul12.html (original)

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