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31. No peace until Palestine is free [1/1/1993] Ref #10226
Interview with the General Secretary of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine: Dr. Fathi Shikaki.
/cache/html/israel-security/10226.htm (original)

32. Peace: Toward Self-Rule - Bombers for Peace [8/20/2003] Ref #10228
It is sobering to reread some of the euphoric 1993-vintage commentary to sense just how overly optimistic and unrealistic expectations were.
Ehud Yaari TheJerusalemReport.com
/cache/html/israel-security/10228.htm (original)

33. Israeli Settlements: Legitimate, Democratically Mandated, Vital to Israel's Security And, Therefore, in U.S. Interest [12/17/1996] Ref #10517
During the Carter years, Israeli settlements were called "illegal" and "illegitimate." During the Bush-Baker period, they were described as "obstacles to peace."
Center for Security Policy
http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/index.jsp?section=papers&code=9 6-D_130 (original)

34. Rumsfeld on Israel's Security [8/6/2002] Ref #10648
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld comments on Israeli security and the peace process.
/cache/html/israel-security/10648.htm (original)

35. Flight Time Between Arab Nations and Israel [8/5/2004] Ref #10650
Flight time between Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel
/cache/html/israel-security/10650.htm (original)

36. Geographic Blind Against Air Attack [8/5/2004] Ref #10651
Map illustrating difficulty of radar defense
/cache/html/israel-security/10651.htm (original)

37. Israel's Security and the Peace Process [9/1/1997] Ref #10652
Strategic analysis of threats to Israel by neighboring Arab states, conventional and non-conventional means, and terrorism.
Shawn M. Pine freeman.org
http://www.freeman.org/m_online/sep97/pine1.htm (original)

38. Weapons Seized on Karine-A Ship [1/4/2002] Ref #10653
Statement by IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz detailing weapons seized on Karine-A
/cache/html/israel-security/10653.htm (original)

39. Israel intercepts arm smuggling ship [11/18/2002] Ref #10656
Santorini arms ship completed three smuggling trips before Israel intercepted it.
Mitchell Ginsburg Jerusalem Report
/cache/html/israel-security/10656.htm (original)

40. Ahmed Jibril Vows Further Arms Shipments to Palestine [5/10/2001] Ref #10657
Inventory of arms, objective of such shipments and interview with Ahmed Jibril
/cache/html/israel-security/10657.htm (original)

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