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81. 2001 Report on International Religious Freedom: Saudi Arabia [10/26/2001] Ref #11165
U.S. government officials met with senior government officials to confirm the Government's commitment to permit private non-Muslim worship and to discuss other concerns related to religious freedom
U.S. Department of State
/cache/html/religion/11165.htm (original)

82. historic overview of relations between religion and state in Israel from 1948 to the present [10/1/2001] Ref #11150

http://www.adl.org/israel/conversion/pre-Israel.asp (original)

The overwhelming majority of the Israeli public supports equal treatment for all streams of Judaism.
http://www.irac.org/article_e.asp?artid=478 (original)

84. Jewish shrine ransacked [10/7/2000] Ref #11642
Joseph's Tomb is now destroyed, its domed 19th century structure survived the Palestinian attack, but its concrete shell is blackened, so is the cenotaph which sits inside.
BBC News
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/961710.stm (original)

85. Testimony on religious persecution in Saudi Arabia [4/1/2000] Ref #11167
Commenting on the U.S. State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1999. Center for Religious Freedom Director Nina Shea noted that the report on Saudi Arabia asserts that "[f]reedom of religion does not exist," that "[t]he government prohibits the public practice of other religions [than Islam]," and notes instances where private homes are raided to stop Christian worship and punish their leaders. Yet the report also gives credence to misleading government claims that private non-Muslim worship is permitted.
Freedom House
http://www.freedomhouse.org/religion/publications/newsletters/2000/Mar ch-April/newsletter_2000-mar04.htm (original)

86. Broadening Representation on Religious Councils [1/27/1999] Ref #11141
Ruling by Israeli High Court of Justice permitting Jews representing non-Orthodox movements must be allowed to sit on local religious councils.
/cache/html/religion/11141.htm (original)

87. Zichron Ya'akov: living with Social and Religious Tensions [8/1/1998] Ref #11152
An indepth look at the social and religious tensions in Zichron Ya'acov, and attempts at conflict engagement.
Victor J. Friedman 
http://www.aepro.org/inprint/conference/friedman.html (original)

88. Between Hegemony and Dormant Kulturkampf in Israel [4/1/1998] Ref #11149
It appears that the role of Rabbi Yosef in Israeli society can be explained in the framework of an Israeli culture war in which he battles against the Ashkenazic establishment, both religious and secular, to gain hegemony for a Jewish cultural identity based on the Sephardi minhag.
Baruch Kimmerling MERIA
http://meria.idc.ac.il/journal/2000/issue4/jv4n4a3.html (original)

89. THE DRUZE MINORITY IN ISRAEL IN THE MID-1990s [6/1/1995] Ref #11667
The Druze are a minority within a minority in the State of Israel, an Arab-speaking community loyal to the state that has suffered hundreds of casualties in its defense, and whose men serve today in high-ranking and sensitive positions within the Israeli military and security forces. Their willingness to accept the burdens of compulsory military service have led to parallel demands for equal rights within Israeli society.
George F. Will  Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
http://www.jcpa.org/jl/hit06.htm (original)

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